[Scottish] USB memory sticks and SuSE 9.3

Robert Barbour rlbarbour at castleventures.fsnet.co.uk
Sat Jan 14 19:02:39 GMT 2006


I did the 5 second thing and ran siga as you suggested.

Problem is the file is huge, some 300 pages!

The last time I did a test like this at Alan's suggestion, the file was 3 pages.

This obsession with file size is for a reason - the Linux computer is in another building and is neither networked or internet accessible.

So the file generated can only be printed, at the moment. (I scanned the printout of the 3 page  msg file to email it!)

The Linux machine will ultimately be networked, but as a Linux novice, I thought getting the peripherals like mem stick and floppy drives working was a good first 
stage. That would also enable transferring downloaded stuff from the web to be installed, if needed for future stages. Obviously being able to export files like 
siga.html would also be helpful.

All I can do at the moment is look through siga output, if you tell me what to look for.

Anyway, it looks like a new memstick is top of the agenda ...


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 Hi Rob,
 Could you do the following:
 1. Insert the USB pen drive, then remove it after 5 seconds or so.
 2. As root, type "siga" without the quotes at a command prompt.
 3. Email me a copy of the siga.html file that is created in /tmp (i.e.
 P.s. The siga command is the "System Information Gatherer". Very handy
 for remote support such as this.
 P.P.S. The tool gathers a fair bit of information, please check the file
 in a web browser to ensure it is not revealing information which you are
 not happy to release to the internet at large...
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 Attache file shows three pages of output.
 I think the stick is in MSdos format, as you suspect.
 So what is the solution to the file transfer problem between formats -
 I have apple, MS and Linux?
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 It seems time to open up a terminal window (that's Konsole in Suse).
 After you insert the stick, open the new 'floppy' icon, and get the
 error message... after all that, type in these commands in the terminal
 window and send the output here:
 dmesg | tail -100
 That should give us a start to figure out what's going on.
 If you're couragous you could look up a line for 'sda' in the mount
 output and try to browse that directory.
 My guess is the floppy icon is used because the filesystem on the USB
 stick is msdos.
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