[Scottish] LUGRadio Live 2006

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Mon Jul 3 02:01:15 BST 2006

Ben Thorp wrote:
> Some of you may be listeners to LUGRadio (http://www.lugradio.org) and some
> of you may have heard us mention the LUGRadio Live conference
> (http://www.lugradio.org/live) that is taking place this year on the 22nd
> and 23rd July in Wolverhampton. Given that this months meeting is the last
> before the event, I suspect there will be a certain amount of travel
> negotiations taking place - there are at least 2, if not 3 cars going down
> for the weekend (leaving Friday, returning Monday).

Lo all,

at the moment there are two cars going down to Wolverhampton for LUGRadio
Live later this month.  ScotLUG members going are:

mrben's car:
  mrben (driving)
  heather (mrsben)

neuro's car:
  neuro (driving)
  <empty seat>

Departing ~ 10:00 Friday 21st July, returning ~ afternoon/evening Monday
24th July.

We still nominally have one seat free, tho it will be useful space to store
luggage or kit, so it would be great to get some sort of confirmation before
the end of next week if anyone else would like to go along with us and would
like a lift so we can plan just how much gear we can take with us.

Others wishing to go with a car and who can offer lifts to others would of
course be cool too :)

If you'd still like to go, please check out the website at lugradio.org/live
first and follow the accomodation links - you'd best be phoning for hotel
rooms first before making any travel plans in case there are no cheap rooms

Last year was a blast as mrben, pickle, riddell and myself will attest to :)

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