[Scottish] X-server issue

Ben Thorp THORPB at uk.ibm.com
Tue Sep 12 14:03:13 BST 2006

scottish-bounces at mailman.lug.org.uk wrote on 12/09/2006 13:54:55:

> Hi,
> I recently received the latest edition of Ubuntu and Kubuntu. I
> successfully installed Ubuntu but now I the X-server problem.

I would be surprised if you had "the" x-server problem if you have not
updated - it was only broken for a few hours in the repositories. It sounds
more like your config has got broken in some other way.

> I do not
> have a broadband connection so I downloaded the latest release of
> x-server from the packages.ubuntu.com site to a cd. I installed this
> release but I am still having the same problem. I am thinking of going
> back to the Breezy release. If I do return to Breezy will I still be
> able to install the Dapper kubuntu packages in Breezy and run the
> Dapper KDE. I also have the Dapper server on a CD. Will I be able to
> install those packages in Breezy and will they all function under
> Breezy? Thanks.

I would strongly recommend against going back to Breezy. It's completely
unsupported, and you will find it very difficult to get anything in the way
of help online.

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