[Scottish] An American In Glasgow

Bell, Craig craig at reivers-den.org.uk
Tue Sep 26 15:02:46 BST 2006

> Hiya,
> Just arrived in Glasgow and am looking to plug in.
> I've noticed there is a SLUG meeting this thursday, what is the turn out
> like?
> If you don't mind a few questions:
> What is the Linux/UNIX job market like arround Glasgow?
> Hitting Monster and 1sjobs it looks likes Hudson, Computer People and
> First People Solutions are contracting out the most. Anyone familiar
> with these companies?
> Is there a good place (i.e. not PC World) to purchase hardware
> (new/used) locally or on the interweb? In the U.S. I used geeks.com
> but haven't found the U.K. equivalent.  How about a City Desk?
> Cheers,
> Mitch

Hi Mitch, welcome to Scotland.

Firstly I wouldn't restrict your search to Monster and s1jobs, they are
riddled with recruitment agencies, a lot of them recruiting for the same
job, hence the "number of jobs advertised" is a distorted figure.  You
should also take a look at the national and local press (avoiding the
tabloids).  As a job hunter for the last two years, I have found that you
can't have one or the other, you need both (luckily I have been offered a
position with an accountancy practice on Sunday past).

I have had positive experience with Hudson's Edinburgh team, although that
was concerning my search for a finance vacancy, I'm afraid I can't comment
on the Glasgow team as I have never used them, but generally speaking they
are part of the same company.

You are right to stay away from PC world, inflated prices and poor
customer service from my experience.  Not aware of many companies in the
Glasgow area, but if you fancy the travel you could try Silicon Group
(www.silicon-group.co.uk), I tend to use their Alloa shop, prices are
reasonable and the guys know what they are talking about hardware wise (at
least at the Alloa shop anyway).


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