[Scottish] Freenode Group

Andrew Barber andrew.alex.barber at gmail.com
Wed Apr 4 15:05:06 BST 2007

Hey everybody,

I am considering registering ScotLUG as an official group on the
Freenode Network. It would mean that Freenode are our official home for

Freenode fit the job well, they were set up to aid communication between
Free and Open source projects. I would say a LUG group is a project and
IRC aids our communication within the group. We are often over 50 people
at just about every hour of the day, with many active at all sorts of
times. Freenode seem to be doing a good job serving us and I doubt we
will be changing in the foreseeable future.

Anyway... features of it being a group? There ain't too many.. it just
means we are enforcing freenode as our home and we also should get shiny
group hostcloaks. Normally these come in the form of;
*@ScotLUG/pdpc.supporter.$donation.$nick (for people whop have donated

where $nick is your master nick (find out what it is with /msg nickserv
info $nick   it is number one in the list).

Do we have any comments on me doing this?


ps. If it were not for the IRC channel I would not know when to arrive
at the pub!  ;-)

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