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Andrew Calverley andrew.calverley at gmail.com
Mon Apr 9 08:44:27 BST 2007


I thought we were already registered.

Good idea.


On 04/04/07, Andrew Barber <andrew.alex.barber at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hey everybody,
> I am considering registering ScotLUG as an official group on the
> Freenode Network. It would mean that Freenode are our official home for
> IRC.
> Freenode fit the job well, they were set up to aid communication between
> Free and Open source projects. I would say a LUG group is a project and
> IRC aids our communication within the group. We are often over 50 people
> at just about every hour of the day, with many active at all sorts of
> times. Freenode seem to be doing a good job serving us and I doubt we
> will be changing in the foreseeable future.
> Anyway... features of it being a group? There ain't too many.. it just
> means we are enforcing freenode as our home and we also should get shiny
> group hostcloaks. Normally these come in the form of;
> *@ScotLUG/$nick
> or
> *@ScotLUG/pdpc.supporter.$donation.$nick (for people whop have donated
> money)
> where $nick is your master nick (find out what it is with /msg nickserv
> info $nick   it is number one in the list).
> Do we have any comments on me doing this?
> AndrewB
> ps. If it were not for the IRC channel I would not know when to arrive
> at the pub!  ;-)
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