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Tim Brocklehurst t.brocklehurst at henryabram.co.uk
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I don't think it matters too much. As long as you use a ADSL->Ethernet
router the Linux box will see a TCP/IP Ethernet connection with a
gateway. If you want to use a non-ethernet system (eg ADSL->USB) then
it's a question of hardware support.

I have used Linux (and in fact, RISC-OS) successfully on connections
supplied BT, Pipex and Tiscali, using an ADSL->Ethernet router.
Personally I thought Pipex was probably the best of the three.

Tim B.

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Got slackware 11.0 up and running on a toshiba satellite.

I'm going to get hooked up to the internet, but need to check who is the
best isp for linux.

What sort of things am I looking for? Anyone got a good isp who has not
given them problems?

I worked for Tiscali sales and I'll be damned if I get internet with
them, the amount of problems people phoned in with.

Thanks fellas



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