[Scottish] isp and linux

J.R. Seago j.r.seago at phonecoop.coop
Sat Aug 11 13:59:43 BST 2007

Claudio Calvelli wrote:

> > Personally I thought Pipex was probably the best of the three.

I had an account with Pipex for years, then last year in 
October they asked me to change over to direct debit, as they were having 
problems taking payments from my credit card, (they hadn't managed to take 
a payment since June). I changed, around Christmas they made all sorts of 
therats as I hadn't paid since June, (having supplied a valid Direct Debit 
it was their resposibility to take payments, not mine to make them), I 
pointed out this fact to them. Two months later they ask could I pay them 
a cheque to cover the period from September, they would discount, June, 
July, August and September, as their accounts department had cocked up the 
credit card payments, and the later direct debits, I sent a cheque, I also 
went to the bank to find out what they were doing wrong. I found out, told 
them and charged for my time, they said they would pay the expences into 
my bank having a direct debit they could do that. I being stupid believed 
them, they didn't pay, I went overdrawn as I had put the £48.00 into my 
chequebook. I pointed out that they had caused me to go overdrawn, they 
apologised and offered to put it right, they sent me a cheque, as by June 
I had moved to Scotland, and changed to a new ISP. I paid them four 
months, (or it could have been as much as six months they weren't too 
clear on how much it should cost me by then), subscription for thirteen 
months service, as far as I can tell my account is still running, they 
have sent me a cheque for £40.00, they still owe me £47.00, with a finance 
department like that they are going to go belly up shortly. Those I know 
with Pipex accounts had EXACTLY the same experience. so it might be good 
if your looking for Free or very cheap, but be prepared for a sudden 
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