[Scottish] zipslack and lilo

Richard Wright richard_a_wright at linuxmail.org
Fri Aug 31 00:52:45 BST 2007


I've still got this toshiba libretto 100ct laptop and can't quite figure out how to get linux installed onto it.

A while ago I tried to plug the hard drive it into a friend's computer and used the ubuntu distro, which is pretty 
much fully automated. The installation worked fine, but was configured to my friend's computer, NOT the 
libretto and would then not work when plugged back in. Lilo issues error 17, which I believe means the kernel is 
not where it expected it to be.

The key problem with a linux installation on the libretto lies in the fact that it cannot boot from a cdrom drive, 
or usb/pendrive. If it is without an O/S then just about all peripheral devices are unusable, presumably because 
it is quite an old laptop. The bios seems only able to access a floppy drive. 

To make matters worse, My only internet connection available is dial-up.

Zipslack seems to be a perfect solution to this problem. As you may be aware, zipslack allows you to download 
a compressed version of slackware (give me slack or give me death!) that is broken down to fit onto floppy 
disks. You can then install these floppies onto dos or windoze , unzip them and you have a linux system 
superimposed on dos. 

So I have acquired some old dos disks off ebay, but the lilo seems reluctant to move. It seems that it is still there 
from the ubuntu installation. I have tried to remove it along with everything else by trying FORMAT C: This does 
not work.

I have looked at the slackware manual, the slackbook, but the section covering zipslack does not go  into great 
detail, and only covers the slack part of the bargain.

As I see it there are two possible options. 

1) get the lilo off the system (somehow), install dos, load up zipslack, unzip it etc. I would need to create a dos 
bootdisk and install it to the right place. Then I could proceed with the zipslack installation as laid out in the 

2) get the libetto hooked up to a high speed internet connection, and get into an operational position whereby a 
linux distro could be installed directly onto it.

Any ideas anyone?

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