[Scottish] zipslack and lilo

Iain Conochie iain at shihad.org
Fri Aug 31 09:19:31 BST 2007

Richard Wright wrote:
> <snip>
> So I have acquired some old dos disks off ebay, but the lilo seems reluctant to move. It seems that it is still there 
> from the ubuntu installation. I have tried to remove it along with everything else by trying FORMAT C: This does 
> not work.

What you might want to try from the DOS prompt is

fdisk /mbr

This should wipe out the mbr as explained here


You should then be able to install slackware



> I have looked at the slackware manual, the slackbook, but the section covering zipslack does not go  into great 
> detail, and only covers the slack part of the bargain.
> As I see it there are two possible options. 
> 1) get the lilo off the system (somehow), install dos, load up zipslack, unzip it etc. I would need to create a dos 
> bootdisk and install it to the right place. Then I could proceed with the zipslack installation as laid out in the 
> manual.
> 2) get the libetto hooked up to a high speed internet connection, and get into an operational position whereby a 
> linux distro could be installed directly onto it.
> Any ideas anyone?
> =
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