[Scottish] Moving house!

Claudio Calvelli slug at intercal.dyn-o-saur.com
Sat Dec 1 22:42:13 GMT 2007

Dan Shearer:

> It was precisely the goal of running Linux instead of RiscOS
> (interesting though it is) that drove the ARM port of Linux as a totally
> impractical hobby on outdated hardware. Then Russell King found his
> hobby at the centre of interest by ARM Plc and embedded device
> manufacturers, and it is now running on millions of devices. So three
> cheers for pointless projects. There's lots of fun and education and
> frustration to be had by jamming free OSs onto the kind of hardware that
> turns up when people move house and I highly recommend it to people who
> have only ever seen x86 :-)

What about porting Linux to this: http://acarol.woz.org/

(/me hides)


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