[Scottish] Proftpd and Mod_ban

Andrew listserve_mailbox at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu Feb 1 20:48:26 GMT 2007

Greetings all

My first post here :). May make it to one of the meets one day should work 
allow for it. First of all, seeing as I'm de-lurking here, I may as well 
give a short intro.

I've been in computers since I was 6 and have done my fair deal of damage 
with some of the DIY ISA cards etc (ah the memories) I've made over time. 
Have tinkered about with linux for years but only to have it as a NAS 
device that just happens to host my web pages etc for family and friends. 
Would love to switch to Linux on a more permanent basis but have had to go 
back to M$ for one reason or another (but thats a story in itself). I've 
always loved the versatility that linux allows, and just how much of the 
power you can squeeze out of even the oldest machines. The server used to 
be a P120 cyrix chip machine and coped well ... the only reason its now a 
more modern machine is that I have added to it with the cast offs from my 
main machine (seemed a waste not to use the parts). Am moving soon and 
would love to completely rig out the new house with sensors etc (have some 
1 wire thermal sensors and the like) but I digress. I'm rather good with 
PCs in general and have done my share of small company IT support but have 
to admit that I'm rather green when it comes to the Linux environment. I'm 
qualified in the biological field and a scientist by trade though my love 
for the little humming box has never disappeared. Cant think of much else 
to volunteer at the moment but if you have a question or the like just mail 
me and ask :)

I've got a question and thought that I'd bounce it about here. It may seem 
a daft question but we all have to start somewhere I suppose.

I'm running proftpd on a Mandrake 10 system. I would love to include the 
mod_ban module for proftpd as I seem to attract brute force login attempt 
attacks like flies to the brown stuff. All the accounts are for friends so 
all have strange account names and reasonably good passwords but I dont 
want to chance things as the number of attacks are growing. So the question 
I have is this, is it possible to incorporate the module in ProFTPd without 
having to remove it and reinstall it ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated


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