[Scottish] Bookshop trip -- AGAIN

willie willie at turkistar.com
Thu Feb 1 22:17:13 GMT 2007

Another bookshop trip has been arranged for Tuesday 13th February. Fairly 
short notice, I know but the bookshop owner is anxious to clear stock. So 
anxious that all prices are reduced to £5 and £10.
It will be the same format as before from 7 till 9 with refreshments provided.
As before, we need an idea of how many will be turning up so enough beer etc 
can be laid on.

 Please go to


 login and add your name if you are intending coming along.

A torch might be handy for exploring the remoter nooks and crannies of the 
shelving system. It really is a cavernous cavern he has down there.

Best Regards
Willie Fleming

wfleming at turkistar.com

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