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Andrew Elwell andrew.elwell at gmail.com
Thu Feb 8 14:53:29 GMT 2007

Hi folks,

Just seen this (I use UKFSN for my ADSL) - May be of interest to
someone on the LUG list


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Date: 08-Feb-2007 14:14
Subject: [UKFSN Users] JOB: come and help run UKFSN
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I'm looking for someone to join me in running UK Free Software Network

The job is a fairly simple sysadmin role based upon Linux servers running
the following:

bind and mydns
apache with perl, php and python

The role is "customer facing" so you will need to be happy to respond to
support emails, etc and occassionally handle phone calls as well.

The job will suit someone who wants to learn about running an ISP.

The salary will start at £15,000 pa which will be increased after an
initial 6 month period.

Whoever takes the job will be expected to work from home and a broadband
ADSL connection and VoIP telephone service will be provided.

If you are interested send me a CV/resume in text format.

I don't care how old you are, what colour your skin is, whether you are
male or female. The only form of discrimination I apply is that I expect
you to be able and willing to work.

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