[Scottish] Re: Ubuntu rampant

J.R. Seago j.r.seago at dsl.pipex.com
Thu Feb 15 23:00:16 GMT 2007

If I remember correctly from someone else trying to install Microsoft on my 
old computer to give it to someone who needs, or rather can't be persuaded 
that she can use Slackware and Open Office instead, to communicate with her 
work box. Its the MBR Microsoft has problems with on a single boot Linux 
box that has Lilo on the MBR, you need to clear the MBR, install Microsoft, 
and put the GNU/Linux back on as secondry OS I'm not sure if you need to 
re-install the GNU/linux or just re-install Lilo on the MBR. This is what I 
remember from the problems the installer of Microsoft had. I had nothing to 
do with the wiping of GNU/Linux in favour of Microsoft, on principle. If I 
remember correctly Microsoft has to be the first OS, so youmay have to 
repartition as well, or install the Microsoft HD as the primary drive, hda. 

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