[Scottish] Ubuntu rampant.....

babaguy babaguy at myway.com
Fri Feb 16 10:54:38 GMT 2007

 Thanks everyone! Just to follow up a bit, the Hard drive on the linux machine isn't big enough to have both Ubuntu and what was there (Windows 200, originally, i think) - The Windows '98 disk I have (from  Magnus...) *is* '98 SE, so maybe it will work at come point. 

We're going to see if a computer shop can simply copy the files onto a CD for us, as all the rest would take me until next Wednesday (probably), and I'd miss the Electron Club on tuesday evening!

I don't have a knoppix disk to hand, but anyway, every single bit of advice was different, and all of it was helpful.

Re: the Thesaurus problem in Open Office, I went into the files and added to the part of the dictionary list file where the dictionary is, (but the Thesaurus proably OUGHT to be - to judge by the rest of what's written in the file - but isn't) and added a couple of lines of command - not sure if this has solved the situation - When I looked for the actual part of the O.O. pkg., it might not be there in the machine.....weird, I know, but......

Thank you all again!

- Paul B. 

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