[Scottish] Re: BBC/DRM

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Thu Feb 22 14:52:31 GMT 2007

Robert Johnston wrote:
> [bbc snippage]
> Regarding ownership -- yes, we do own the BBC, just as we own the NHS.
> Who else would own it?

This is soooo off-topic for this list, but ... the BBC owns itself; it's
a private company[1] operating under Royal Charter[2].  While it may
intend to operate in the best interest of Her Majesty's Subjects, it is
Her Majesty's Government who effectively control the BBC, and it is the
BBC who owns itself, not us plebs in the Great British Public.

While we have a measure of say in how the BBC operates, via Parliament
and the BBC Trust, we certainly do not "own" the BBC, as opposed to
fully public bodies such as the NHS.

[1] hence British Broadcasting *Corporation*, and indeed it was set
    up as the British Broadcasting Company in 1922 by a consortium
    including Marcony, AT&T, Hotpoint and GE as members, before being
    reincorporated under Royal Charter, and licensed by the GPO to
    transmit wireless radio signals, in 1927.
[2] http://tinyurl.com/y7gr8p

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