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Sat Feb 24 13:37:44 GMT 2007

 Hello All, 

I don't know if my last e-mail got through or not, I was asking any advice anyone might have for a decent Anti-virus software that is recognised by and cooperates with Linux....(Ubuntu doesn't want to recognise Avast! and I've read many posts in Avast! forums about the difficulties of making it do so...)

I *did* check with one SysAdmin guy who consulted a Linux friend who is apparently ultra conscious about computer security and apprently *he* said that he doesn't bother with anti-virus software in Linux, because the permissions to get into Linux in the first place are so dense, that it's not that necessary....

Is this the feeling among any of you seasoned Linux/BSD hands...?

ALSO: How do I open new programs once I've downloaded them in UBU? It asks me to open them with Archive Manager, but then Archive Manager never recognises them - or it asks me what program to OPEN the new program with, and - *I* don't know....I thought programs open themselves by and large, when you ask them to do so - or is this a hopelessly backward attitude...? 

ONE LAST ? - I tried to copy a URL (or some text, can't remember which) from an open web page (in the Ubuntu web browser Mozilla) and paste it into Open Office Writer (the UBU office suite) and when I opened Writer the "paste" option (and several *other* options) were not enabled.....

So is Open Office automatically NOT synchronised with Mozilla? Do I have to somehow make this mutual recognition occur...?

Would AbiWord be any better...?

Any help would be much appreciated....

Thanks ! 

- Paul B. 

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