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Wed Feb 28 20:35:44 GMT 2007

On Wednesday 28 February 2007 18:00:54 babaguy wrote:
> William Anderson wrote:"Also, could you please stop changing the
> subject line (i.e. Re: tomoRe:), as whatever mailer you're using doesn't
> respect the References:header, and changing the subject line screws with
> list threadingsomething fierce :) "Look! If Linux can twist *my*
> melon, I can certainly twist some threads! I may end up with - who knows? -
> enough rope to hang myself!  But seriously folks - I'd be delighted to do a
> re-install with a newer version of Ubu-roi - not sure if my machine will
> actually be able to accomplish this in its current BADGER'ed condition, but
> I'll give it a try - I realise that newly downloaded applications *ought*
> to simply open by clicking on the icon, but the trouble is there *are*
> (mostly) no discernable icons, and when there *is* an icon on the desktop,
> there's nothing in it! It's just a pretty little picture lurking on my
> G-noam-ie...Onward !   (and Thank you all very much - the reason I keep
> turning to you guys is that when I look thru Ubu-info/forum-stuff it just
> ends up annoying  me even more ! The actual problem is often not covered,
> or blithely passed over in a glancing comment or subordinate clause -
> )Thanks ! - Paul B.
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Do Re Me? This list is not a fairground. We all love the wheel, but after the 
umpteenth rotation you lose the excitement and start wanting to piss on the 
chumps below. Stop pissing about with the subject line, learn to reply 
properly, and compose emails that are not one continuous stream of verbiage.

Please read RFC1855,, and list netiquette 
from here

In short - do not mangle subject lines. Start a fresh new email when beginning 
a new thread, reply to threads correctly and concisely.

Kyle Gordon
kyle at

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