Do Re Me: [Scottish] time spent on Linux stuff...

Alan Pope alan at
Wed Feb 28 22:07:41 GMT 2007

On Wed, Feb 28, 2007 at 01:00:54PM -0500, babaguy wrote:
> William Anderson wrote:"Also, could you please stop changing the subject line (i.e. Re: tomoRe:), as whatever mailer you're using doesn't respect the References:header, and changing the subject line screws with list threadingsomething fierce :) "Look! If Linux can twist *my* melon, I can certainly twist some threads! I may end up with - who knows? - enough rope to hang myself!? But seriously folks - I'd be delighted to do a re-install with a newer version of Ubu-roi - not sure if my machine will actually be able to accomplish this in its current BADGER'ed condition, but I'll give it a try - I realise that newly downloaded applications *ought* to simply open by clicking on the icon, but the trouble is there *are* (mostly) no discernable icons, and when there *is* an icon on the desktop, there's nothing in it! It's just a pretty little picture lurking on my G-noam-ie...Onward !?? (and Thank you all very much - the reason I keep turning to you guys is that when I look 
> thru Ubu-info/forum-stuff it just ends up annoying? me even more ! The actual problem is often not covered, or blithely passed over in a glancing comment or subordinate clause - )Thanks ! - Paul B. 

If you're after help then you need to at least make it easy for others to help you. I would gladly assist in helping you get stuff done (I kinda have a track record of this) but 
when the only thing I can see is your brain-dumped stream of conciousness it makes it incredibly difficult and time-inefficient for me to do so.

Sorry to sound negative but I really don't have the time in my life right now to attempt to learn gibberish.


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