[Scottish] Happy New Year....ummm...and question !

babaguy babaguy at myway.com
Mon Jan 1 13:33:11 GMT 2007

 Happy Hug-My-Knee, All ! I tried Linux a couple of years ago and got nowhere except frustration-ville...

BUT I persist in wanting to try/use Linux and have stayed in the SLUG list....I'm about to get a new OLD computer and install either Debian or maybe Kubuntu so, here's my quick question:

I just put the Debian Live CD in (Knoppix) and booted up, but the system locked up when I tried to find out how to use Konqueror (because I couldn't see how to connect to the internet and therefore accessed the How-To files in Konqueror and it just - locked up !)........

Was this just because everything runs very slowly when you run a LIVE version (and I should have just been patient...?), or was it just - well - locking up (as it appeared) ? 

Also, assuming I DO succeed in loading Knoppix, how will I connect to t'internet? 

In Windows, there is a double arrow icon in the lower right-hand corner that will bring up a BT ADSL window which we have to use to connect, but Knoppix did not seem to detect this or allow me a way to see/connect to my ADSL modem.....

I realise these are maybe just dumb newbie-style questions, but any encouraging words will be helpful......

- Cheers ! 

- Paul Birchard 

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