[Scottish] Happy New Year....ummm...and question !

Ronald MacDonald ronald at rmacd.com
Mon Jan 1 15:18:35 GMT 2007


> I just put the Debian Live CD in (Knoppix) and booted up, but the system locked up when I tried to find out how to use Konqueror (because I couldn't see how to connect to the internet and therefore accessed the How-To files in Konqueror and it just - locked up !)........
> Was this just because everything runs very slowly when you run a LIVE version (and I should have just been patient...?), or was it just - well - locking up (as it appeared) ?

live cd's tend to be much sower than installed systems - the most
obviious bottleneck being the read speed of the CD drive. If you plan
to use a live CD on a regular basis, a low cost, fast cd rom reader is
a worthy addition to your computer.

kde's pretty heavy on system resources and finding a live cd which is
based on gnome instead on kde might be a better idea. generally, kde
is a fantastic system with great flexibility and it's very intuitive,
but of course, trying to run this off a live cd doesnt really work all
that great.

> In Windows, there is a double arrow icon in the lower right-hand corner that will bring up a BT ADSL window which we have to use to connect, but Knoppix did not seem to detect this or allow me a way to see/connect to my ADSL modem.....
connecting to the internet:presumably, the modem is a plug n' play usb
one? if it is, these are a bit more difficult than your standard
ethernet to set up. Check up google HCL's, I'm sure your modem will be
around there somewhere.

let us know how you get on!


Ronald MacDonald
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