[Scottish] Simple questions from a simpleton....

babaguy babaguy at myway.com
Tue Jan 2 11:56:27 GMT 2007


Hello All ! 

Here are a couple of really a simple questions, but any answers would be appreciated!

Suppose I'm using KDE, but I want another web browser. Do I simply configure Konqueror NOT to be my web browser, and it remains as a file manager etc.? 

Also, in your experience, is Konqueror recognised by most UK web hosting co's. as a browser useable for updating/uploading stuff to one'/s web site? (I have UK Web Solutions Direct hosting my site and I seem to recall that they support most browsers for updating, but NOT Opera, for example - I can't remember if they support Konqueror.....)

Thanks ! 

Prosperous & Joyous New Year to youz a' ! 

- Paul B.  

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