[Scottish] Squirrelmail and vacation messages

Phillip Bennett phillip at mve.com
Thu Jan 4 11:40:39 GMT 2007

Hello and a happy new year to all,

I was wondering if anyone out there was using squirrelmail and the
vacation_local plugin.  I have it set up here, and it's almost working as
far as I can tell, but when it creates the vacation and forwarding files, it
is giving them the wrong owner and group.  Currently it is giving them
apache/apache and occasionally nfsnobody/apache when it should (AFAIK) be
giving them the currently logged in user's uid and group.  Normally, it
wouldn't matter, but when postfix tries to use the files, it gives an error
of "/homes/<user>/.forward has bad owner uid 48"  (uid 48 being apache)

Has anyone had any experience with this setup and does it work for them?

Thanks in advance,

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