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Sun Jan 14 23:42:10 GMT 2007

 Dear Kyle, 

Thank you for the concrete help/link, and the heads-up(!) on Linux abbreviations & initials (RTFM indeed!) - 

I have tried connecting the linux box using both the BT Voyager ADSL USB modem, *and* (no caps, see?) the Thomson Speed Touch 330 - but the Ubuntu box does not want to recognise the modem...

I went into Firefox>Edit>Preferences and specified "Direct Connection to the internet" - 

I've tried several other possibilities, but none of them are simply "Configure your modem" - and I cannot find anything about this in any of the onboard "HowTo's" or FAQ pages that come with the version of Ubuntu. 

I'm also peeved with Ubuntu that there is no simple HELP window where you can type in the device/problem/whatever for which you're looking for help. I'll try (via the Windows machine, still the *only* way I can get onto the net!) and look for help at the place towards which you pointed me - and Thanks again!

If anyone else can PLEASE (I really MEAN these capitals, I *would* like to be able to use my Linux to actually *do* something) help me with configuring a modem (either BT VOYAGER ADSL or THOMSON Speed Touch 330), please get in touch.......

Yours with that old, almost forgotten mounting (and u-mounting) frustration, but eternally springing Linux-ward hope,

- Paul Birchard 

Hi Paul,

This is the first that you mention the Speedtouch 330. All previous opinions were based on the BT Voyager which you mention (of which I know of at least 4 different models).  I never used my Speedtouch, I handed it away on Freecycle. I do recall setting one up about 6 years ago for a friend, and they were a nightmare >back then. 

Things have improved though, and there's a howto written here... 

There may be a way of doing it with pointy clicky interface things, but I've not come across it. Ben Thorp, our wonderful Ubuntu Community Hero, may be able to point you in the right direction if you don't want to go near the command line. 

Kyle PS. Less capitals, proper punctuation. We lean towards formal writing styles here

(p.s. I believe it ought to be * "fewer capitals" - etc./usr/bin-me!) 

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