moRe: [Scottish] Broadband Question...

William Anderson neuro at
Mon Jan 15 11:12:49 GMT 2007

Gordon JC Pearce wrote:
> William Anderson wrote:
>> Gordon JC Pearce wrote:
>>> babaguy wrote:
>>>> If anyone else can PLEASE (I really MEAN these capitals, I *would*
>>>> like to be able to use my Linux to actually *do* something)
>>>> help me with configuring a modem (either BT VOYAGER ADSL or THOMSON
>>>> Speed Touch 330)
>>> They're shit.  Throw them away.  Seriously.  They barely work in
>>> Windows, and the manufacturers refuse to give out any information on how
>>> to make them work in Linux.  Get rid, and buy an ADSL router.  They're
>>> relatively cheap, especially once you consider the value of your time
>>> wasted in trying to get a broken-by-design sack of cack working against
>>> its will.
>> IME Speedtouch 330s work Just Fine under Ubuntu after following the docs
> In as far as they ever work.  I've never seen one that actually worked
> properly.

Praps you found a bad batch?  I've yet to see a Speedtouch that *didn't*
work once you get your head round the firmware bit, and this is going
back years too when we had loads of USB modems at SmoothWall for
testing.  Speedtouchen work, so perhaps you're just shit at configuring
them? </troll> :)))

>> And Gordon, why not throw away your PDP?  It's shit, seriously. :)
> Ah, now here we come to a different issue.  The PDP11 is a toy,
> basically.  It works extremely well, and very reliably.  It doesn't
> entirely fail to get me connected to the Internet, and it wasn't
> designed by a Chinese primary-school child to be built for a parts cost
> of less than $1.  The difference here is that it actually does what it's
> supposed to do.

As a Speedtouch 330 also does.

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