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babaguy babaguy at myway.com
Mon Jan 15 12:33:16 GMT 2007

 Boy oh Boy, Thanks you guys!I now have been forced to LOOK at (oops! too many capial letters! "I'm typing with capital letters! I'm typing with capital letters!" (think: 'running with scissors.') - 

- as I say, FORCED (by my sweetheart) to peruse the windows machine and the CD *is* a re-writer, so I may hassle around with firmware download for the Speed Touch - £'s *are* a consideration just now.......But in a few weeks I should be able to buy me a modem/router...

BTW, we do not have NIC cards for these computers, so the modems run off the USB only, though I'm going to try to get some ethernet cables as we have this surge protector/hub thang and it may be of some use..........for internet connection !

I really *do* appreciate all your help - one of these thursdays you might even glimpse me at the Counting House, where people count!

Thanks for being guys I could count on,

- Paul B.  

p.s. last question: Have any of you ever been suspicious about who actually owns Canonical? The packaging is so well designed and attractive, but where do they get the money to pay people to put out a new version every six months, when they are giving it away ? If anyone knows anything or has opinions about this situation, please share them with me.

- p.b. 

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