[Scottish] Offered: Various old computer hardware

Miah Gregory mace at darksilence.net
Wed Jul 11 22:09:04 BST 2007


I have available a number of old PC's; much too old to realistically run
a recent version of windows, but working nonetheless, and other assorted
- 6 x pentium class machines (90MHz, 100MHz, 166MHz);
- 3 x AMD DX4's (100MHz and 120MHz);
- 1 x 486 66MHz;
- 1 x compaq proliant 2000 server (pentium 66MHz with SCSI RAID);
- 1 x "nokia" style PC desktop case including PSU (no motherboard);
- 7 x hard disks, from 250Mb up to just over 1Gb;
- 2 x 14" PC monitors;
- 1 x S3 VGA graphics card (PCI);
- 1 x ensoniq sound card (ISA);
- 1 x sound card (Crystal logic?) (ISA);
- 1 x UMC multi-IO card (ISA);
- 1 x Diamond multimedia VGA card (PCI);

Most of the PC's have ram, none have hard disks fitted.

Also offered on freecycle so first come first served.

Miah Gregory

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