[Scottish] Computer recycling

Marcel Hecko maco at maco.sk
Sun Nov 25 12:40:15 GMT 2007

Where about do you live?
We recycle PC in Aberdeen, install Linux on them and give them to the
people in regeneration areas of the city.


On 11/25/2007, "Adam Conway" <adam at conways.name> wrote:

>I'm about to move house, and looking to get rid of my ancient (P200!)
>desktop, which has been serving as a printer server only recently.  If
>anyone wants it (OS free, since I'd wipe the disk before passing it on)
>then they're welcome to it (everything works except the bios battery!).
>If no-one does then I'll probably keep the hard disk and get rid of the
>rest and wondered if there was a computer recycling place anywhere I
>could take it to instead of the tip?
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