[Scottish] Opinion Wanted - Aberdeen Linux Community

Marcel Hecko maco at maco.sk
Wed Sep 5 16:32:44 BST 2007

Hi all,
I would like to announce that we have given away 30 refurbished PCs with 
Ubuntu to the people in Middlefield area in Aberdeen for free to use 
with free Internet access. This project is partly funded by Aberdeen 
City Council to bridge digital divine and tackle digital inclusion issues.

I would really like to know how big you you recognize our Linux 
community - are there any more projects like this one in Scotland or do 
you know about any other bigger community of people using Linux as their 
primary OS? Please mind that none of these people have used Linux before 
and so far they are perfectly satisfied with the service.

Is it possible that this might be the biggest Linux community in 
Scotland, maybe even in Britain?

Have a great day!!

Marcel Hecko
station house media unit

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