[Scottish] Re: News Letter April 08

Willie Fleming willie at glasgownet.com
Sat Apr 12 23:32:51 BST 2008

On Saturday 12 April 2008 22:56:48 Andrew Calverley wrote:
> I believe that there is already moves afoot to have an umbrella
> organisation called ScotLUG.
> A whois lookup already shows that some folks are moving in that direction.
> http://www.whois.net/whois_new.cgi?d=scotlug&tld=org
> My only problem with this is that an overarching organisation would not be
> a LUG, rather it would form an organising committee or the like.

I would hope a co-ordinating committee rather than an organising committee. My 
own feeling is that we are organised enough, what we are not is co-ordinated.

When seaLne got us the scotlug.org.uk domain, the nationalist in me wanted to 
moan about the .uk bit. ScotLUG owes nothing to the UK and I didn't (and 
don't) see why we should recognise such a redundant concept. However I kept 
schtumm, not wanting to make waves, and also not to appear churlish or 
critical of the work that seaLne had put into it.

I wish I'd spoken up now....
Or done something about it myself.......

I'd be very interested to hear what plans Dan Shearer has for the domain. 
Hopefully (inter alia) it will be a vehicle to get Scotland its own TLD. 
Unfortunately all the obvious 2 letter abbreviations are already taken, 
mostly by nations an awful lot smaller than Scotland. 
But anyway Scotland is too poor and too small to need its own government or 
TLD, We'd better just let these nice people in London carry on looking after 
it for us. We'd only make a mess of it and have to nationalise banks and 
stuff. Also we might not know who to invade. Far better to let the english 
take care of it.


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