[Scottish] new ScotLUG website

Claudio Calvelli slug at intercal.dyn-o-saur.com
Fri Apr 25 21:36:17 BST 2008

> Glad to be of assistance :-)

I nearly asked if you normally write for the "Microsoft Help" thing.

> Maybe the Launchpad website is waiting on some form of moderation or 
> email approval? It's been so long since I signed up originally

No, I looked at the HTML source and they evidently never heard of the
"Set-Cookie" HTTP header, instead they went on and reinvented the
wheel. If you happen to have javashit disabled, as a sensible person
should when using a site one isn't sure about, login won't work and
you don't get an error message, not even something like "this site
requires javascript".

On a related matter, this may be a good time to point the following
at people who wish to design a new site:



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