[Scottish] new ScotLUG website

Claudio Calvelli slug at intercal.dyn-o-saur.com
Sat Apr 26 08:50:14 BST 2008

I wrote:
> No, I looked at the HTML source and they evidently never heard of the
> "Set-Cookie" HTTP header

Change that. After tracing the network connection, I found that they
did send a cookie, but it had an expiry date in the past, so it never
got used. My clock is set correctly (with uk.pool.ntp.org), so it's
not my fault... I had to go and edit the cookies to get it to work.

I went to report a bug and found a lenghty discussion about cookies
and log in problems, going on for over 2 years.

I repeat: I hope the new, proposed scotlug website is tested a bit
better than that.


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