[Scottish] Health Informatics talk this evening.

Andrew Back andy at smokebelch.org
Mon Feb 4 12:55:05 GMT 2008


BCS Glasgow talk on tonight that may be of interest to some and is vaguely 
connected with open source.




             The Challenges of Health Informatics

~ A talk by Ewan Davis of Woodcote Consulting and Dr. Ian McNicoll ~

Ewan Davis and Dr Ian McNicoll have worked for many years in UK Health
Informatics and will briefly describe the global challenge and the
progress being made with particular reference to the NHS Programmes in
England and Scotland.

Ian and Ewan will also describe some of the issues that face those
trying to develop systems in the healthcare sector where the
requirements are complex and poorly understood and where "traditional"
approaches to managing large software development projects are failing
to deliver. In particular Ewan and Ian will try and explain why Health
Informatics is different and make some suggestions as to how Open Source
approaches and Agile development methodologies might help us make

             Lord Todd, University of Strathclyde,

                    Collins Street, Glasgow

         Tea & Coffee @ 6 p.m.  Presentation @ 6.30 p.m.

                    Monday 4th February 2008


                     *** ALL ARE WELCOME ***

Andrew Back
a at smokebelch.org

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