[Scottish] Intercommunication between Document formats

John Seago seago.john at googlemail.com
Thu Feb 7 13:10:29 GMT 2008

I have had occasion to respond to a public Consultation for the Scottish 
Governement, Using 'Slackware 12.0' and 'Open Office 2.3 Wrtiter', having 
submitted my response I got this reply 
> Unfortunately we were unable to open your response form. Would you be
> able to try and resend it in Word format if possible.
I then looked ito it and found 'Open Office' can save documents in over 20 
formats, why isn't the Scottish Government at least using 'Open Office' to 
allow them to interact with all their citizens no matter what operating 
system they use.

Is there any advocacy group in Scotland that I can refer all my MSP's to 
please? I will using "WriteToThem" http://www.writetothem.com/ be asking all 
my MSP's why they and the Scottish Government is not using 'Open Office' or 
at least plain text to communicate to their citizens and between themselves. 
I'll also try sending Fergus Ewing, my MSP a copy of the Open CD to try to 
get him to at least try 'Open Office'

When looking for an example to cite I found this http://tinyurl.com/35atxs 
which include this paragraph, " Central Scotland Police will use Microsoft 
platforms to build a new electronic document management system for better 
response to requests under the Freedom of Information Act, and document 
sharing for police staff.", which seems rather to miss the point having just 
had the experience I have.
John Seago
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