[Scottish] BBC iPlayer for Macintosh but not for linux, for a long time, if ever . . .

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Mon Feb 11 00:45:46 GMT 2008

John Gordon Ollason wrote:
> The BBC has announced that the iPlayer will soon be available for Macs. 
> So MS and Apple are catered for, but not Open Source. I don't know if 
> the BBC's charter as a public broadcaster is broken by the decision to 
> limit its output to equipment made only by particular suppliers, but if 
> it is not, in my view, it should be. I can't see the BBC getting away 
> with limiting its broadcasts to a limited range of acceptable brands of 
> television set, for example.

iPlayer has to cater for the rights of the original programme producer, 
hence the DRM to ensure the programmes aren't viewed outwith the range 
specified (7 days).  How do you propose to do this using FOSS?

Also, iPlayer works great under Linux using the streaming service.  How 
zealous do we all want to be just to download massive video files and 
keep them for 7 days?


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