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Kevin McDermott kevin.mcdermott at gmail.com
Mon Feb 25 16:51:52 GMT 2008

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Hi Arron,

> Well the point being we don't send all our news to this mailing list.
> We post about 300 to 400 posts per month on our Dundee list, i send like
> four emails maybe five emails.  We have members on our list from Canada,
> and America, who are just as welcome as if they lived in Lochee, or
> Newfoundland.  The fact that we are made up of half students and half
> non students (so take those student members that only live in Dundee
> term time, and come from all over Scotland) we go a long way to try and
> promote Linux across Scotland
> It maybe my way of thinking but i thought we where an open community, if
> i have upset some of you guys for sending you emails about meeting times
> for Dundee, that i've always made a point of inviting people from this
> list to, then i apologise.  

You're more than welcome to continue to send announcements to the
Scotlug list.



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