[Scottish] Drupal and the society.......

Arron M Finnon afinnon at googlemail.com
Mon Feb 25 16:48:36 GMT 2008

Well the point being we don't send all our news to this mailing list.
We post about 300 to 400 posts per month on our Dundee list, i send like
four emails maybe five emails.  We have members on our list from Canada,
and America, who are just as welcome as if they lived in Lochee, or
Newfoundland.  The fact that we are made up of half students and half
non students (so take those student members that only live in Dundee
term time, and come from all over Scotland) we go a long way to try and
promote Linux across Scotland

It maybe my way of thinking but i thought we where an open community, if
i have upset some of you guys for sending you emails about meeting times
for Dundee, that i've always made a point of inviting people from this
list to, then i apologise.  

I tend to inform the list of meeting dates and times.  I wasn't under
the impression i had to come from Glasgow to be able to talk to you
guys.  In addition if you find people on your travels from Dundee, who
are interested in Linux then you know what's happening here.  Without
blowing our own trumpet, we're a very active and energetic (cheers Dan)
group, i would like to think.

On a brighter note at least we've had a increase in emails on this list
this month.

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