[Scottish] Bluetooth woes

Gary Hendricks merlin at project415.org
Tue Jun 3 08:11:28 BST 2008

On 02/06/08 22:48, Colin McKinnon wrote:
> Meanwhile $ork have decided to enroll me in the Order the Blackberry and unto 
> me bestow a 8800 device. And while walking around Tesco's at the weekend, a 
> Bluetooth dongle fell into my shopping basket.

It is not just Cr^H^HBlackberry that is having issues. Nokia too.
I am not in the Cr^H^HBlackberry clan, but others at the office were 
lamenting the issues as well.

However, for some bizarre reason, my daughter's Motorola Razr 'just works'
Using ubuntu, i have tried all the gnome+kde tools, to no avail to get 
my other toys to work.

In some cases I cannot even see them as mass-storage devices.

> Bluetooth', Dolhpin doesn't like Bluetooth either, kbtobexclient can't find 
> any devices, kbluemon sees no devices, kbluelock sees no devices. 
In some cases I noticed I get a new device /dev/usb0 or /dev/ACM0 
(something like that anyways) which some of the bits of software tries 
to use. Some with limited success. No hoorays here though.

So to add my 2p, you are not alone..

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