[Scottish] PPPoE vs PPPoA

Andrew Back andy at smokebelch.org
Tue Jun 17 08:48:26 BST 2008

Hi Matt,

On Mon, 16 Jun 2008, Matt Causey wrote:

> Hello all!
> I am new to this country, and had a quick ISP question.
> I've got ADSL service through Tiscali...and just to get started was using 
> their little free router/firewall thing.
> This weekend I decided it was time to ditch their device and install the PIX 
> I brought here from the states.
> This is when I learned that Tiscali does -not- support PPPoE, but rather 
> PPPoA.  O'course, my Cisco PIX only supports the more flexible PPPoE method. 
> Grr.
> Is this the case with all ISPs here in the UK?

I have been told that you can use PPPoE in many cases. And that it's just 
bad luck if you end up attached to a PPPoA only DSLAM. Not tested this 
out however.

>  Anyone have an old Cisco ATM 
> device sitting around? :)

I've looked for an ATM device quite a few times, but never managed to find 
one. IIRC the early BT ADSL trials used 3 boxes: a DSL modem, ATM router 
and IP router. But never actually seen any of this kit.

You could always get a WIC-1ADSL card or cheap Cisco soho class ADSL 
router off eBay.



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