[Scottish] PPPoE vs PPPoA

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Tue Jun 17 10:58:11 BST 2008

Matt Causey wrote:
> [snip]
> This is when I learned that Tiscali does -not- support PPPoE, but rather 
> PPPoA.  O'course, my Cisco PIX only supports the more flexible PPPoE 
> method.  Grr.
> Is this the case with all ISPs here in the UK?  Anyone have an old Cisco 
> ATM device sitting around? :)

Welcome to the UK, and Scotland in particular :)

Sorry, pretty much all UK ADSL uses PPPoA, and the ATM part is for the 
actual backhaul out of the exchanges.  You won't need any ATM CPE gear 
to connect.  You'd probably be best off selling your PIX on ebay and 
getting something more useful, or swapping out the appropriate WIC on 
your PIX for an ADSL2+ WIC.  *Or*, if you can, use an ADSL router than 
can bridge to an ethernet WIC on your PIX - a Thomson Speedtouch or 
Zyxel might be good for that, but YMMV; check first.


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