[Scottish] PPPoE vs PPPoA

babaguy babaguy at myway.com
Tue Jun 17 11:47:33 BST 2008

Welcome Matt !

I ALSO hail from the Old Country, but have been here nearly  30 years ( ! ) - 

Just my 2 cents (ooops! PENCE ! ) - When I was trying to find a way of connecting to the net (at ALL) a year and a half ago, I picked up a Thomson Speedtouch modem from someone on Glasgow-Freeshare

(and btw - you can join both Glasgow-Freeshare and Glasgow-Freecycle at yahoogroups - worth it, believe me!)

- ANYWAY, I certainly found configuring the Speedtouch AT ALL to be extremely complex and fraught with ifs ands and buts in various Linux message board postings from around Earth - I eventually settled - as I said to John Seago - on the Safecom ADSL Modem Router, though this may be way basic for what you are looking to do - 

You just plug it in and it's recognised and functions! There's something to be said for this...     Enjoy Scoatland!

- babaguy

" -  a Thomson Speedtouch or Zyxel might be good for that, but YMMV; check first."

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