[Scottish] Commsworld & Murphx

Alex Walker alex at alexwalker.eu
Fri Mar 7 20:34:18 GMT 2008

On 5 Mar 2008, at 18:41, William Anderson wrote:
> I personally use web tapestry - http://www.webtapestry.net/ - for  
> similar usage, but to be honest, most BT Wholesale IPstream Max  
> resellers are much of a muchness.  For a business connection, stick  
> to a mid-level player like web tap, eclipse, zen, demon, and avoid  
> the "big hitters" like AOL, BT, Orange, TalkTalk, etc.

This is true. BT resellers will be pretty much the same. If one looks  
very much cheaper than the others, it'll probably be a budget 'see how  
many people we can pack in to the bandwidth' service. The 'big  
hitters' as neuro_ calls them trade on people just seeing '8MBps' and  
the price. They will use throttling and traffic shaping, and your  
bandwidth will be pants, especially in the evening.

On this note, stay the hell away from Tiscali. They use extreme  
traffic shaping especially during peak times - have you ever seen a  
well-seeded torrent, with correct port forwarding and NAT, running  
totally uncapped and getting less than 1KBp/s downstream? I have. And  
they will also port block if you leave torrents running on the same  
port for a few days.

(I used to be on Pipex, who were a decent service back in the day.  
Tiscali bought them up, and now all Pipex users are on the Tiscali  
service and are still paying the (much higher) Pipex prices!


(yeah, it's more a rant about Pipex than a helpful answer to your  

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