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>> Hey guys,I am just looking for a couple of suggestions on good IMAP Server
>> software. We was looking over DOVECOT recently, but just wondered what you
>> guys thought of that and others that are out there.
>> Thanks :)
> Dovecot is good but so we also use Courier happily. I haven't found an
> overriding reason to use one over the other - they both just work and can
> authenticate against different sources. Anything to just get people off Pop3
> servers!

I can second both Dovecot and Courier.  I have used courier to deal
with the email platforms of various ISP's and other clients and it has
always fitted in very well, mostly due to it's very flexable
authentication backend.  It's proxy support can also make migration

> I'd also mention Cyrus. Ok it's a bit of a black box solution and not as
> straightforward to administer as the others but it handles shared folders
> really well and has a very powerful set of ACLs which is why I've seen many
> of the groupware type mail products chose it for a backend.

Cyrus I can also second, mostly as a solution for office email, it
works very well in that situation thanks to the above mentioned ACL
support on shared folders.  However it not using standard maildirs can
be another pain to migrate away from.

However if the office thing is what you are looking for you might want
to think about groupware solutions and what IMAP server can fit in
best with those.

Hope this has been helpful :)

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