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> Hey guys,I am just looking for a couple of suggestions on good IMAP Server
> software. We was looking over DOVECOT recently, but just wondered what you
> guys thought of that and others that are out there.
> Thanks :)

Dovecot is good but so we also use Courier happily. I haven't found an 
overriding reason to use one over the other - they both just work and 
can authenticate against different sources. Anything to just get people 
off Pop3 servers!

I'd also mention Cyrus. Ok it's a bit of a black box solution and not as 
straightforward to administer as the others but it handles shared 
folders really well and has a very powerful set of ACLs which is why 
I've seen many of the groupware type mail products chose it for a backend.

Roland Ward (Director)

Penguin Factory Ltd

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