[Scottish] Old stuff for the taking

ray rayH at engineering-intelligence.net
Thu Nov 6 07:14:17 UTC 2008

I have been helping with a house clearance. The following stuff is 
available gratis on a first come basis.  Apart from where noted I have 
checked basic funcionality, but no guarantees.   

4 ATX power supplie -- none have P4/Athlon power connector -- unteted
several keyboards PS/2 and AT connectors
2 laser printers -- untested  --  Canon LBP 465
1 scanner USB -- Mustek 1200
8 assorted 15" crt monitors
	2x unknown 1536D, Daytek 1436AM4, Hansol 510A, Compaq S510, 5B530, Tatung 
TM4401, ADI ProVista 484
1 Atari 1040 with monitor, mouse, various books, cables, etc.
2x Compaq D31vm -- P2.4/256Mb/CD-RW -- HDD errors
3x carcasses -- 486SX m/board and cpu 512Mb PSU
	-- P2  m/board and cpu 16Mb PSU
	-- Celeron 400MHz 512Mb PSU
various cables, serial mice, memory modules, ISA cards -- untested

There i also some music  stuff, but someone else is sorting that. I did 
notice an external Soundblaster box and  a couple of small old Yamaha 
midi keyboards 

All free to uplift from Fruin St, Possilpark a.s.a.p.  
Phone Tim to arrange - 0141 336 4036 preferably am.


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