[Scottish] Scottish Digest, Vol 231, Issue 3

Roland Ward roland.ward at penguinfactory.co.uk
Thu Nov 6 17:35:47 UTC 2008

scottish-request at mailman.lug.org.uk wrote:

>  Hi folks
> I've been with Demon for 12 years and lately IO have not been enjoying
> the experience.
> Do you have an ISP available to the south of Glasgow area (no Cable
> companies though) that delivers a decent 8MB+ broadband service and
> where Unlimited means a decent download amount allowed as I do download
> distros, huge patches for my MMO of choice and watch TV from time to
> time across it, allows multiple email addresses, doesn't necessarily
> have to have big web hosting as I may go to a separate service for the
> small amount I do
> Oh and nasty racialist that I am, a UK based support would be nifty,
> preferably one I can go and talk to with my handy cluebat
> ta
> col

We've had problems with Eclipse recently because they take a long time
to get back to you if there's a problem. I know everyone is waiting on
BT to get back to them but still it would be nice if they told you that.
We find Zen fairly good for support and performance but they charge a
lot for Unlimited.


The ultimate techy ADSL provier are Andrews and Arnold. They spend most
of their time on IRC and are extremely technical (there's only about 12
of them!). They're a bit more expensive but they give you IP6 right now
and lots of good latency data. Generally good guys.


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