[Scottish] Hosting recommendations

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Fri Nov 28 01:36:04 UTC 2008

Philip Ward wrote:
> Use plusnet (www.plus.net) as your ISP and part of the package is
> their cgi server which gives you 50MB space to run your own perl and
> php scripts plus a mysql database.

Or don't use a grotty subsidiary of BT (sorry Philip!), and instead
spend US$10.95 a month (or less per month if you pay for 3mo, 1yr, 3yrs,
etc up front) and use Dreamhost - www.dreamhost.com - and get 500GB disk
space and 5TB/mo transfer - yes, 500 gigabytes and 5 terabytes
respectively.  These limits grow the longer you remain a customer (by
2GB of disk a week and 40GB of transfer a week).

You also get ssh access, cgi, php, quick-installs for popular FOSS web
apps, bandwidth throttling to stop a popular site overrunning your
monthly limits, mysql DBs, DNS hosting, mail (POP and IMAP) hosting etc.
 You also get 50 GB of ftp or sftp/rssh backup space to do with as you
please (the 500GB webspace is only for use for your hosted sites), ideal
for rsyncing to/from.

If you feel like being nice to the neuro, mail me off list and I can
give you a referral link to give me a nice kickback in american beer tokens.


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