[Scottish] Hosting recommendations

Aidan Skinner aidan at skinner.me.uk
Fri Nov 28 20:41:13 UTC 2008

On Thu, 2008-11-27 at 16:09 +0000, John Gordon Ollason wrote:

> I have been a client of Hosting Scotland for a while and have been very  
> pleased with the service they provide for two websites I am responsible  
> for. Sadly they are shutting down and I need to migrate to another hosting  
> company. I would like to move somewhere that is reasonably programmer  
> friendly and with linux, cgi-bin access, server-side includes, Perl, and  
> ImageMagick, and ssh or telnet so that I can debug my scripts on the  
> server. I am looking for recommendations. Any ideas?

I've been hosting my stuff on Linode for the last few years. It's a
proper virtual server (UML instance, they have Xen ones as well IIRC),
rather than a hosting service per se. I like having root and the
responsibility for service configuration, with somebody else dealing
with the hardware, YMMV.

- Aidan
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