[Scottish] Hardware question?

Julian Gibson julian at rjmg.net
Fri Aug 7 15:37:15 UTC 2009

The 670 has 2 SATA connectors on the mobo as well as well as the onboard
SCSI.  I'd prefer to not use the inbuilt hardware raid.  My current
desktop has a single 80GB IDE for /, /boot, swap etc and a pair of 300GB
SATAs for /home (Raid 1 on /dev/md0) on the basis that my data is more
important than the OS.  That's worked fine for about 3 years so plan to
use same strategy now.  Basically don't want /, /boot on a raid hence
keeping the SCSI for that.

Roland Ward wrote:
> Why do you want to use a degraded SCSI array at all on the machine. Are
> you not better simply using the 1.5Tb drives and ditching the SCSI drive?
> Most RAID controllers can operate under JBOD (just a bunch of disks)
> mode where yes you can use just one disk but again that's not going to
> help you when your SCSI drive dies.
> Do the Dell have on board SATA controllers? How old is it? If it doesn't
> support SATA on board can I suggest you pick up a £80 3ware 8006 PCI
> hardware raid controller (they have really good support in the kernel)
> and plug that into your machine with the SATA disks only.

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